Get listed on ForWalks

Getting listed on ForWalks is simple. Choose either our standard annual subscription or extended subscription package below, and sign up. Our extended subscription gives the best value, obviously, but it’s your choice.

Once you’ve signed up, which will take about one minute, you’ll automatically be logged into the site and will be able to access the page where you create your listing profile. Once you’re happy with your listing you simply submit it for publication. Once submitted, we check each listing manually and add a Google map so that people can see where you are,  and will usually be online within 24 hours.

If you already have a suitable image to add to your listing it takes all of 3-4 minutes to do!

What do you need?

A written description: It may sound obvious but you need a written description to sell yourself and your services. Aim at 100 words in total (say between 80 and 120) for the best effect – it’s more than enough for you to explain the services you offer and not so much that people get fed up reading. It’s your sales pitch, so make it punchy!

An image: Every listing needs an image (minimum size 720px wide x 435px tall). It doesn’t matter if the picture is bigger because it gets cropped automatically – but it is important that it’s ‘portrait’ format (wide, not tall) because otherwise the image will look silly when it gets cropped. If you don’t have an image in mind, take a screenshot of your website. If you use a generic image it’s a good idea to add your logo to it, if you have one.

You want people to be able to contact you, so a phone number is a good idea, and your listing includes a link to your website so people can read more about you there, if they want. We also add an email form on your listing that allows people to email you directly – your email address is never visible and the emails go straight to you.

That’s it!